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Parker April 18 1821 (Parker April 18 1821 p1.pdf)

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� Parker Portsmouth N. H. April 18th 1821.

To His Excellency William King, Govenor of the State of Maine. Sir,

Understanding you are appointed a

Commifsioner[?] under the Spanish Tresty, and presumming that the President of the United States, will not appoint the Clerk of the Comissioners[?] authorized by the late act of Congress, except upon the recommendation of the Board, or supporting, at least, that the Commisionery[?] will be consulted with regard to the person to be appointed as their Clerks, I take the Liberty, very respectfully, to offer myself to your Excellency as a candidate for the Office of Clerk to the board of Commifsioney[?].

As I have not the honor of a personal

acquaintance with your Excellency, I beg leave to state that I was an Officer of the Army during the late war, and that with regard to my qualifications as a Clerk, that I was for eeferal years a Clerk in the Insurance Office Reps by the late John P[?] E,[?] in this Town,



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Language: English

Date: 4-28-1821

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