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Suffrage Petition East Millinocket Maine, 1917 (east_millinocket2.pdf)

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[Bold] PETITION TO THE VOTERS of the Town or City of ______________________________[End Bold]

We the undersigned, women of voting age, respectfully petition you to vote in favor of Woman Suffrage at the special election on September 10, 1917:



East Millnocket

Dawn Fernald Bowler Blanche J. Parsons Laura Helen Goodell Martha Louise Goodell Alice M. Johnston Mrs. J. Leet Mrs. G. W. MacKay Mrs. Pearl B. Banks Mrs. M. Blanche Jamieson Mrs. Bertha Sibley Mrs. Ella Powers Mrs. Elizabeth J. Parsons Mrs. Martha J. Morrison Mrs. Nancy C. Southerland Mrs. Margaret Harmon Mrs. Mary Boynton Miss Ella Crawford Mrs. Ida Crawford Mrs. Helen Mountford Mrs. Annie M. Flye Mrs. Mildred Gillespie


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Language: English

Date: 1917

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