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Correspondence from Charles E. Banks to Fannie Hardy Eckstorm ca. 1915-1930, Part 5 (ms158_b1f005_005.01.pdf)

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of these seen by Gosnold and which gave the name to the island. The voyages of the norsemen make as much impression on me as a London Fog. They may have got as far as Newfound Land.

Again the Saco River. Of course Sawahcatuk was applied to a limited area-the place where the great river has its outlet. But the river itself must have had a name. The French called it Chouacoet

This seems to have been omitted in the shuffle so I send it in separate container.

Adding an old clipping from a collection of notes on the Language by a member of the Profession.

-- [dash separating a section below]

On second examination I find that I did not make a division of my letter after all.

Nov. 16

A friend of mind from Saco calling here to-day says there is no island at the mouth of the River as shown on the Champlain map. It is therefore proper to consider it as existent when Lo- gave the place a name.

Need not return the enclosure. He was a Yarmouth Me doctor, I believe and worked round the Abnaki etymology in the good old way of Ballard et al.

Yours sincerely Charles E. Banks

Description: Letters pertaining to Indian place names in Maine, Indian languages, and other matters relating to Wabanaki cultures and history.

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Date: ca. 1915-1930

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