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Correspondence from Charles E. Banks to Fannie Hardy Eckstorm ca. 1915-1930, Part 5 (ms158_b1f005_005.04.pdf)

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�30 West 44th Street New York City 16 April 31

Dear Mrs. Eckstorm, In order to absolve myself of inattention to one of your problems I am taking the unusual course of giving it a New York slant to relieve the monotony. I am strongly inclined to think that the element Wadchu[underlined] is concealed in the second syllable, which you are inclinced to think is accidental; resulting in Peg or Peeg-Wadchu-es-st - of course constructed to Pegwachet or Pigwachet. I think you have two examples of this form, early, but this is from memory. Merely dislocated from the reservation temporarily as I return on Saturday. Yours Sincerely, CE Banks

Description: Letters pertaining to Indian place names in Maine, Indian languages, and other matters relating to Wabanaki cultures and history.

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Date: ca. 1915-1930

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