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Petition from Republican voters of Calais against the removal of Seth W. Smith as Agent for the Passamaquoddy Tribe (29-335864-F005.pdf)

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To the Hon. Governor & Council of the State of Maine

We the undersigned "Republican [underlined] voters [underlined]" of the city of Calais & vicinity do hereby respectfully remonstrate against the removal of Seth W. Smith from the office of agent of the Passamaquoddy Indians.

W. D. Lawrence J C Haycock Sam Kelley A. Barnard J. D. King G. G. King WB King H. Lester John Spinney C H Newton A C Lerwer James H Stackpole William McCullough John Crangle Thomas Sawyer S. W. Adams John [?] David Bassett Verona Eaton D B Barnard Saml. G. Pike D Deming Jr A. L. Clark Lyman C. Bailey W H Tyler W. B. Taylor R W Huston Charles Lord F. W. Horton Chas Crawford C. R. Pike John Jackson Edward Thinney Geo Jackson John Doyle Samuel Curry John Mahony James Winchell Chas. L. Deming N. Fran F Weymouth Frederick M Stanhope A H Sawyer E. Swan Geo. A. Blake Wm. Smith L. D. Sawyer James Robbins John Williams J. G. Becket J L Gould H. M. Goff Solomon Coy W. W. Lowell [?] Geage Davison E. W. Murphy C. W. Crosby H Horton Maxwell Anderson R P Estey W. H. Bowdman Wm. P. Harrison G. Washburn A W. Barnard G. S. Barnard E. C. Young James S. Cooper E. A. Barnard E. P. Barnard Chas E [?] Nath Lamb John Baker E. D Green Sam. W. Valentine W. W. Sawyer F. C. Hinsman [?] W. Sanborn E. Hinsman George W. Stanford Ellis [?] Wm H Cairns Geo N Tody F. T. King Cyrus Young Isaiah Harris Chas Johnson George Pineo A. Winslow Todd J McLevin Albert W McLeod John L. Tyler C H Kelley A. Y. Paterson John Harriman Sylvans G. Woodwock Joel A. Haycock F. Williams Josiah Loring B. L. Lance L. G. Ematt J. M. Dyer Harrison Kuno B. L. Waite J H Griffin Luther Brackett John H. Coy J. B. Norton Edward L Brackett W. L Kelley Frank Kelley John Ferris B W French George F Palmer G. M. C. Brackett L. C. Kelley J. R. Stanchfield Archibald Holiday Samuel Gallagher Silvanus Jellison

Calais March 1st 1858.

Description: Petition from Republican voters in Calais against the removal of Seth W. Smith as Agent for the Passamaquoddy Tribe

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Language: English

Date: 1858

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