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Senate Journal 1825 (30-318504-P110A.pdf)


[Left margin: 1825]

Senate February 19th, 1825.

[Left margin: Bill]

Mr. Campbell from the committee, on an order upon that subject, reported a

Bill in addition to an Act to establish the Cumberland and Oxford Canal Corporation”,

which was read twice and passed to be engrossed: sent down for concurrence.

[Left margin: Report from the Justices of the S. J. Court]

A Report was received from the Hon. Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court on the several questions proposed to them on the 11th Inst. in which they give it as their opinion that no person can, of right, hold and exercise, at the same time, the several offices of Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff or Coroner, and Justice of the Peace: Read and referred to Messrs. Stebbins, Dunlap and Campbell.

[Left margin: Bill]

Mr. Dunlap from the committee, on an order upon that subject, reported a

Bill creating a fund for paying the State debt and for other purposes,” which was read once and committed, and monday next at 10 o clock assigned for a 2d reading.

[Left margin: Messages]

The Secretary of State came in and laid on the table a special message from the Governor, informing of certain new arrangements in the second and eighth Divisions of the Militia of this State: Read & sent down

A message was sent to the House requesting them to send up the “Bill to repeal an Act establishing Courts of Sessions, and for establishing Courts of Sessions.

Description: The journal of the Senate documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1825

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