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Richard Cutts Shannon, Civil War diary, Volume 2a (September 1863-January 1865) (rcs-diary-vol2a-030-c.pdf)

It remains to be seen whether his


criticism of Secy. Chase's fin ^ cial system is just. And in his examination of the "recreant" Secretary's anti slavery record calling his principle "base metal" unable to stand the test, even Horace thought him altogether, too severe.

In short in seemed to me

no one of the public men whose names had been mentioned during his discourse had by their acts won his esteem so much as John Brown.

Surely his thoughts on the

subject of reconstruction were very

Description: Shannon enlisted in Company “H” of the 5th Maine Regiment , Volunteer Infantry. He was made an aide-de-camp for General Slocum in March 1862 and was taken prisoner at Chancellorsville in May 1863. Shannon spent 18 days in Libby Prison in Richmond and recorded his diary entries on blank leaves of a book.
This digital diary is shared by Maine State Archives and Colby College; original housed at Colby.

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Language: English

Date: 1863-1865

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