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Hunter Biden went on a profanity-laden tirade against his sister-in-law Hallie Biden and accused her of painting him to the FBI as a 'pedophile with homicidal tendencies', according to text messages from his abandoned laptop.
The back-and-forth followed an October 2018 incident where Hallie, Beau Biden's widow, threw Hunter's handgun in the trash at the Janssen's Market in Wilmington, Delaware, which is near a high school.
Although no arrests were made as a result of the incident, the president's son said at the time: 'I won't ever recover from all of this.'
The duo had a tumultuous romantic relationship following Beau's death in 2015. 
In the midst of the messages, Hunter questioned why it was a big deal if he owned a gun, saying that 'there are 5 guns at dads house' - in what could be a reference to President Joe Biden.
President Biden told donors at a Democratic fundraiser Friday that he owns two shotguns.
He also said while vice president in 2013 that he owned two shotguns, which he said were a more appropriate weapon for self-defense than an AR-15.

He said 'if there were ever a problem' that he recommended his wife Jill 'fire two blasts' off their balcony.
Hunter Biden's text exchange with sister-in-law and lover Hallie Biden on the day she threw out his handgun at a grocery store in October 2018 shows the president's son issuing a profanity-laden rant claiming she pegged him as 'an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies' to the FBI
The conversation was recovered from an iPhone backup of Hunter's laptop by the Washington Examiner and includes him appearing to claim that his father, President Joe Biden, has five guns in his home
Hunter (left) and Beau's widow Hallie (right) had a tumultuous relationship after the death of her late husband in 2015
The timing of the revelation of the text messages is ironic considering Biden called recently for a new barrage of gun control measures following two separate mass shootings at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York and at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
Among the laws the president called on Congress to pass is a measure that would hold individuals personally liable if they don't lock their weapons up in a safe.

Congress is also weighing 'red flag' laws that would incentivize preventing people from purchasing firearms if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.
'There are f***ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory,' Hunter said in a separate text to Hallie.
'Beau owned a handgun issued by the state and I[t] was in the front glove compartment of his car.
So f*** you,' he wrote to his ex-lover in the texts found on the infamous laptop that he left at a repair shop.
The president's son purchased the handgun 11 days prior to the incident.
Hunter suggested in the text exchange hours after Hallie discarded the gun on October 23, 2018 that she was trying to ruin his life and was 'invading his privacy.'
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Hallie went into the glovebox of Hunter's car in October 2018 and took a .38-caliber revolver, which she discarded in the trash outside Janssen's supermarket in Wilmington, Delaware before informing the store what she did.

The manager Paula Janssen called police
Hunter accused Hallie of ruining his life and asked: recovery 'Do you want me dead'
He also reference his late brother and her late husband Beau and the fact that he also owned a gun that he kept in the glove compartment of his car
'I need you to stop doing everything you possibly can to make a life here an unbearable proposition,' he said in a lengthy message to his sister-in-law.
'Do you want me dead?' Hunter, who has struggled with substance addiction, questioned.
He said that police and the FBI opened investigations into him over the incident, and, according to other texts from Hunter, claimed that the Secret Service had also gotten involved in the ordeal, even though the agency said last year that it was not involved.
Hallie went into the glovebox of Hunter's car in October 2018 and took a .38-caliber revolver before discarding it in the trash outside a local grocery store because she said was trying to keep her brother-in-law 'safe'.
'It was open unlocked and windows down and the kids search your car,' Hallie told Hunter, adding she was scared for his life and, 'I'm scared you would use it hunt.'
Hallie informed the store she threw out Hunter's gun in their trash, which prompted Janssen's manager Paula Janssen to call the police.

The report, obtained by Politico, noted that the missing gun was particularly of issue since the grocery store was in close proximity to a high school.
Hunter told Hallie: 'I'm proven unstable when you put a gun in the trash can at Jansens out of FEAR.
What fear. Hunter is either insane. Homicidal. Or just a ducking f*** up drug addict.'
'They think you're scared I would shoot you,' he added. 'You f***ing a**hole'
'You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.

And that's now in the hands of the FBI,' he added.
'What right do you f***ing have Hallie,' Hunter continued in the near-four-year-old text exchange, which happened just hours after Hallie discarded his gun. 'What's my f*** up. Owning a gun? How Hallie is that wrong.'
He told Hallie that her actions made it look like he 'threatened you and your family with a gun.'
'I hate what you've done to me,' Hunter said.
The conversation was found on a copy of Hunter's laptop in the possession of the Examiner, which he had used to backup his iPhone XS.

The right-leaning news outlet commissioned a cyber forensics experts to examine the hard drive and gain access to the password-protected backup, which revealed the contents of the exchange with Hallie.
The duo had an on-again-off-again relationship following Beau's death in 2015.
'Did you take that from me hallie?' Hunter texted her just before noon the day of the incident.
'Are you insane. Tell me now. This is no game. And you're being totally irresponsible and unhinged … You really need to help me think right now hallie — this is very very serious.'
'You have made my life meaningless,' Hunter told Hallie in the text exchange on October 23, 2018
Hunter Biden Texts Hallie B... by Washington Examiner

'I can't believe this, you can blame me all you want, I know it was stupid,' Hallie replied about an hour later.

'But your part is dangerous and negligent. And because of this and my stupidity for being worried about you, im dealing with insanity and possibly I'm the one going to get in trouble. Check yourself into a local rehab hunter, this has all got to stop.'
She added: 'Police coming to talk to me now, I'll take full blame.'
Hunter messaged her that evening, 'The f***ing FBI Hallie.
It's hard to believe anyone is that stupid // so what's my fault here Hallie that you speak of. Owning a gun that's in a locked car hidden on another property?'
Hunter messaged her that same night with: 'The police and fbi still want to talk about whether I'm threatening you … I now threatened you and your family with a gun … You have truly f***ed me over.'
According to the paperwork from the gun sale, Hunter responded 'no' to a question on the form asking, 'Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?'
Lying on a form to purchase a firearm is a felony.