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Help FAQ

How do I confirm my email address?

If you have created an login in the last 7 days:

     Click on the confirm email link sent to you in the Confirmation email.
     This will open a new webpage and tell you that your information has been confirmed

If you have created an login in more than 7 days ago:

     Contact Us via the webform
     You will receive a link to login to Mediawiki (the platform we use to handle accounts)
     Log in with information from the account you created for this site
     Click on the preference tab on the top of the page
     At the bottom of the preference page, click on the link to confirm your email and this will resend your email.
     Return to the login page

My edits are not saving or why is it stuck on "saving"?

Saving edits can take up to a few minutes. Be patient.

If it has been longer then 5 minute:
     Copy the transcription into a text document on your computer
     Close out of the site
     After a few minutes log back in
     Paste the text back into the transcription box
     Click save again

If this still does not work contact us.

How do I find more information about this item?

Clicking on the metadata tab will give you basic information about the item you are working on. For more detailed information click on the link to DigitalMaine found on that page.

How do I download a copy of the whole document?

There is a link to the item page on DigitalMaine on the metadata tab for each item. Once on DigitalMaine you should be able to download the entire document as one PDF.